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[13 Nov 2004|10:34am]
[ mood | excited ]

ok well ive been so fuckin busey it sucks... Drill team is everyday monday and wensday is 2hours and tuesday and thursday is 1hr... then biology i got a ton of h.w. and a project due soon... i jus learned i hav an F 56 in math class and if i dont get higher then a C+ on the test comin up i get an F on my interem... i did all my fuckin h.w. i jus failed the 2 quizs w/ a 27 on a quiz.. and 21 on a test and a 41 on a quiz... so ya i g2 do good witch sucks b/c the test is comin up and i dont understand shyt.. n the bitch gave me a fuckin detention and told SGM uragh! BITCH! but w/e i ripped the detenion up n threw it away cuz she a dumbass and dosnt rip off the back of the detenion thing and giv part of it 2 the office hehe i ate at ruby tuesdays last night hehe im such a pig i ate sooo much and i got the EMINEM CD!!! im so HAPPY! i LOVE the lil booklet and theres a picture of him holdin a gun in his mouth! ah its great! i love eminem!!! but idk i still lyk his older cd a lil better.. idk i lyk it tho... i hav everyone of his cds! hehe but my eminem show is scrached but i hav the edited verison... i hate edited!!! im gonna buy a new one so ya... my fuckin sis took lyk a chuckk outta it and the last 3 songs on it r fucked... but ya im not lettin her touch this cd! ok im bored... n my cousion should b over soon? k well anywayz... i wanna go 2 the beach 4 some reason... k well ya...

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[06 Nov 2004|10:53am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Thanks Alexa... i owe u 1$ n somthin... ? n i kno im werid leave me alone! hehe... k well school was normal... nothin tht good nothin tht bad... sept reoirt cards.. i got an A in Jrotc, a C in Algebra 1A a F in italian and a B in Biology honors... fuckin F!!! now my gpa is a 2.5. it hasnt changed since 8th grade :( well i had a 2.0 one tym... so ya... i fuckin hate italian class its siooo boring half the class falls asleep in it! its boring! sorry 4 being a bitch on friday 2 some pplz... i was tired... n Faw never came 2 school :( My math teacher almost wrote me another detention ive gotten lyk 5 or 6 from her... but i dont hav 2 serve um b/c she a dumbass and dosnt rip the lil pink sheet off n giv it 2 the office hehe dumbass... me and Rajaa wore the same shirt on the same day agian hehe and the belt tht was scary lol has anyone ever thought of robbin there neigber or someone near were u liv? its lyk u kno there enitre layout of the house, when there home, were everything is... how 2 get in... its perfect... ok idk ... jus a thought... i think im gonna re-dye my hair this weekend... i hate dyin it tho... lyk over the summer i most of dyed it lyk 4 tyms n it sopose 2 last 8 weeks but nooo not in my hair... somthin w/ my hair lyk jus eats the dye n makes it go away in 3 weeks... my hair person told me tht awhile ago... it sucks... cuz it costs me money... but idk i think this is gonna b my last tym dyin it... then by chritmas ill dye it black so it can b my normal color agian... but idk... cuz lyk this is probley over my 10th tym dyin it in a yr b/c my hair goes thro dye so fast... ok well im gonna go play gta san andreas or w/e im up 2 the fire mission were u get a girl friend...

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Election Day/ Sis Bday [02 Nov 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok... last weekend was ok Friday i hung w/ friends... but lyk this gurl Steph saw me on the sidewal;k across 4m the school w/ my friends n she yelled out her window lyk in the car w/ her mom lyk she yelled KATIE, UR IN BIG TROUBLE WHEN U GET HOME... cuz i was sopose 2 b at the game but i didnt go n ya I called her n told her not 2 tell my mom she saw me walkin round weston or w/e n she lyk well tell me y u hangin w/ them drug addicts... u n ur drugie friends i kno what u were doin... n i was lyk WTF lyk it REALLY pissed me the FUK off... i hate tht she judged them lyk tht n didnt even kno them... i never get pissed n lyk tht got me angry... n then saturday i had 2 wake up early 4 saturday school... blah... already in trouble w/ the school... n its only 1st semester... i got a detion the 1st week of school... great right?... im so pissed tho it was sopiose 2 b a good school yr... i got 4 detentions n 2 saturday schools n lyk 1 referral n its annoyin me... it looks bad... n then i was at my cousions house all day... saturday... then sunday my cousion came over n we went 2 tht park in weston... n we saw pigs/hogs w/e the fuk they were... n monday i cracked my tootch chipped it w/e it hurt lyk a bitch later tht day... at 1st it didnt... i get it fixed thursday! i didnt go 2 drill thinkin my mom would get me an appointment... n 2day is election day n my sis bday.. my sis is a lil bytch so w/e forget her... n i want Kerry 4 some reason... idk i dont really care but im kinda sick of bush... well idk im gonna try n get ppl 2 read this... lol ... k um ya.... g2g eat...


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um... 1st entry? [30 Oct 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

um... ya 2day was... ok... i guess i had 2 wake up at 6:45 so i could make it on tym 2 saturday school... i spent 3 hours staring at the clock... sooo fuckin boring! i fell alseep 4 lyk 10mins n when the guy came over lyk i had jus woken up n he lyk u better not b sleepin... n im lyk im not... cuz lyk he could only c the bak of my head n when he came 2 see my eyes they were open... so thtz good... n um when i got out at 11 my dad was there w/ my cousion... n i had 2 go 2 his house n we played the new GTA...played baseball... i cant hit the damn ball w/ the bat but i can throw and catch... then we played basketball.. n had pizza... n ya then i was gonna go 2 an 11:00 movie... saw? ya SAW what a werid name... but i was 2 fukin tired....so ya im lyk dyin now im so tired... um.... ? ya....? night?

- KT

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